Day to Engage

"Working at service day made me feel that no matter how small my job was, I was making a difference in someone's life."

- Sarena Rogers-Hines, Averett University

AU basketball player at YMCA

"It was great to have the opportunity to take the team down to the River Walk and get them away from soccer and school for a couple of hours to give back to the community. Averett is a great resource for the Danville area, and I believe it is important that we encourage the students and student-athletes to get out and get involved. Whether a student is here for one year or four years, the impact of their volunteer work can have a lasting impression on the community"

- Philip Wilson, Averett University's Men's Soccer Assistant Coach

"The service work our team did was to clean up the RiverWalk. It was very enjoyable because it was a great chance to talk and spend time with my teammates, and at the same time, to do something important for the community. I think it is important to do different types of service work because it is a chance to give something back to your community, and the feeling you get by doing something good that helps you and the people around you is a great feeling."

- Richard Bjornander, Averett University Men's Soccer Team

"The service project I participated in was cleaning up the RiverWalk, which was a lot of fun. Being new to the area, Danville is a brand new environment for me, but through participating in Service Day with the soccer team I got to learn some of what Danville has to offer. The RiverWalk was awesome, and I'm happy I got to help clean it up! I'm looking forward to future Service Days!"

- Brian Benitez, Averett University Men's Soccer Team

"I enjoy helping others out. I think we all need to give back and appreciate one another."

- Megan Johnson, Averett University

"Anytime that we have the opportunity to get out in the Danville community and help in such a positive way not only benefits others, but our players gain so much too. The DRF did a fantastic job of organizing such a wide variety of service projects all across the city. Our guys participated in the Get Fit program as well as after school programs with the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club. Each was very rewarding in its own way."

- Coach Matt Parke, Averett University Men's Basketball Coach

"I did the Get Fit service project where we handed out healthy food that was donated to us from a local farmer. Helping families eat a more nutritious diet made me feel that I did something positive that day."

- Marquis Scott, Averett University Men's Basketball Team

AU Service-Learning Coordinator at Celebration"I think that I had more fun than the kids that we were helping that day at the YMCA. We got some of their homework done and then spent the afternoon playing on the playground. It was a lot of fun."

- Davis Absher, Averett University Men's Basketball Team

"We have a Boys and Girls Club in Raleigh, where I am from, so I really liked helping the kids there. They were just like me when I was that age, so we all had a lot of fun."

-Trevor West, Averett University Men's Basketball Team


"I volunteered at God's Storehouse on Service Day. I enjoy volunteering with different organizations in the community so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to once again get involved."

- Laura Gignac, DCC TEACH Club

"I participated in Service Day because I like getting involved in the community. It felt good that I could take a few hours out of my day to help someone else."

- Katie Gignac, DCC TEACH Club

"When I participated in service day, I really enjoyed meeting new people. I would recommend for everyone to take one day and do a service project. It will be very humbling!"

- Tammy Jones, DCC TEACH Club

"I was so energized knowing that I was giving back to the community. It was a fun day for all participants."

- Robin C. McLean, Instructor, Piedmont Community College

"It was a fun experience sanding and staining the benches at the Caswell Senior Center. Giving back to the community made me feel good about myself!"

-Terry Hazelwood, Piedmont Community College

"It was a daring experience, but I enjoyed the challenge."

-Pennie Allen, Piedmont Community College 

"Serving at the Caswell Senior Center was great experience. It felt great to give back to the community. The lesson I learned was simple: the smallest things can make the biggest difference."

-Shermisha Pointer, Piedmont Community College

"It was a fun learning experience to help out at the Caswell Senior Center. We painted and sanded the benches and pulled weeds out of the flower gardens.  I enjoyed giving back to the community and putting a smile on the face of others. Even though it involved a little work, I would do it all over again!"

-Danielle Hiett, Piedmont Community College